RAII: do not touch new and delete!

Some weeks ago I finished a online course about C++. I've already programmed in the language but I decided to take the course to refresh my skills and have some projects in my portfolio. I wrote this article to consolidate my memory and try to explain to myself one of …

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How can we climb a tree structure?

These days I was writing a solution for a challenge in the HackerRank and I ended up writing a algorithm to walk through a tree structure. Nothing too special but I decided to white an article about the algorithms we can use.

There are many types of tree out there …

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Como funciona o robozinho do Serenata que baixa os diários oficiais?

Recentemente comecei a fazer parte do programa de embaixadores da Open Knowledge Brasil (OKBR). Como minha primeira contribuição, comecei adicionar novos spiders no diario-oficial. Esse repositório possui diversos spiders para a raspagem de dados dos diários oficiais de cada município brasileiro. Como sou de Santa Catarina, decidi inicial com as …

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Hacking your vim with python

I'm happy vim user for a while now. After learned the basics I started customize the editor to my needs/preferences and for a long time everything were well. I did not face anything that I could not do and this is still true. However, when I became a more …

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Git: partial commit

This post will demonstrate one of many cool features available in Git, partial commit. This feature allows add just some hunk of a file leaving other ones for future commit.

Let's suppose in a project there is the following source code:

#include <stdio.h>

void foo(void);
void bar(int …

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malloc/free implementation. Just4Fun!

Some time ago I bought the The Linux Programming Interface book, one of the best books I have acquired. One of the first chapters I read were about memory allocation. At the end of the chapter, author offers some exercises to the reader. Among them there is a challenging one …

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cgo: Go lang with C

Some weeks ago I had to customize the Docker to integrate it with some libraries written and C. Maybe you already know Docker is written in Go language and to do this task was used cgo Cgo enables integrate Go code with C. It shows itself easier and smooth comparing …

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Recovering missed data from stash

Today my colleague almost lost everything that he did during 4 days! Because a wrong git command he dropped his changes saved on stash. After this sad episode we looked for a way to try to recover as least part of his work... and we did it!

First of all …

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From Brazil to Germany, an Unforgettable LibreOffice Hackfest in Freiburg

While I have not decided what it will be my first post about development stuff I'll post the text that me and my friend wrote to the The Document Foundation's blog. In that text we talked about out trip to LibreOffice hackfest in freiburg. From Brazil to Germany, an Unforgettable …

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